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Kim Kardashian is beautiful American celebrity, businesswoman, actress and model. She is best known for her social life and her role on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her first acting role was in the television series Beyond the Break. She then starred in the 2008 disaster film spoof Disaster Movie as Lisa, alongside Carmen Electra and Vanessa Minnillo.

In 2007, a sex tape she had made with Ray J, was leaked to the internet. Kim Kardashian pursued legal action against Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape. She later dropped the suit and settled with Vivid Entertainment for US $5 million.

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Sex Story

"Does it feel nice?" Téa whispered over the phone.

"Yeah," I grunted in reply.

"Mmmmm. I wish I could see . . ." she said, moaning slightly in frustration.

"Me, too," I answered. And what a sight it was. I was sitting back in my home office, tie loosened, pants unbuckled, with my cock buried down the throat of our 20 year old neighbor, Leigh. She had her delicate fingers wrapped around the base of my thickness, and her head bobbed insistently over my length, taking it as deep as she could. My cock was shiny and spit-covered, and the room was filled with the sexy sounds of sucking and moans coming from the full mouth of the drop-dead sexy woman on her knees before me.

My breathing came quicker and more labored. Téa, of course, knew what that meant. "Oh God, you're close, aren't you . . ."

"Yeah," I said, having now been reduced to only monosyllabic responses.

Leigh knew as well. He hand squeezed me slightly, and her free hand came up to trail her finger nail from just in front of my ass to the back of my balls as if telling my cock she wanted it's cum, and her bobbing picked up speed. The moans that escaped from her full mouth filled the room.

My hips started thrusting involuntarily, and small moans escaped my lips. "Fuck . . ." I whispered. My cock swelled bigger, and my balls drew up. Leigh's fingernail seemed to coax the cum right out of me and I screamed. Leigh joined me. She held her head still over the head of my cock, while the hand that had been squeezing the base started stroking me quickly.

My whole body seemed to convulse as the first jet of cum rocketed up from my balls, through my cock, and into her waiting mouth. Leigh moaned louder, and stroked me faster, but at this point it was almost unnecessary. I came, and came, and came . . . as hard as I'd ever cum . . . each time my body shook with uncontrolled pleasure. Her eyes were on my face, watching me cum, and I could tell by the look on her face that she loved it. Loved seeing what she was able to do to me.

She coaxed one last small blast out of my cock before I was empty . . . then she lowered her head, taking me deep in her mouth one last time, before slowly, almost excruciatingly slowly, pulling her head off of me and allowing my cock to slide from her lips.

"Break's over," Téa whispered over the phone. "Hopefully I'll see you later."

I grunted in reply, bringing a laugh over the phone. "Bye, John. Give my best to Leigh."

"Uh huh," I managed, and heard the tell-tale click of Téa's cell phone disconnecting.

I dropped my cell on the floor. "Your turn," I said, looking down at Leigh.

She grinned impishly, and kissed the head of my cock. "Can't. Derek will be home soon. I have to go shower." With that she bounded to her feet and ran for the door.

I watched her go, my eyes lingering on her tight little ass as it wiggled under the fabric of her skirt.

That night, I lay in bed with Téa. She had come home and practically dragged me to the bed by my penis after the little phone session earlier, and was now lying still with her head on my shoulder and an arm draped over my chest.

"So, you enjoyed your little taste of aural voyeurism today?" I said, stating the obvious.

She laughed and tilted her head back to look at me. "Probably not as much as you did, but yes. I hope you reciprocated?"

I shook my head. "She had to run. Derek was coming home."

"Has she told him yet?"


Téa lowered her head back to my shoulder, not saying anything.

"I'll think of something," I said.

Téa kept silent.

She had fucked Derek twice more since the first encounter in the yard. Once more with both Leigh and myself watching, and once with just Leigh. Neither time Derek was aware of his audience. Leigh, for her part, wanted to tell him, but wasn't sure how. Knowing Derek, I'm not sure it would work for her to come right out with it. Already too much deception. No, it would have to be a "spontaneous" occurrence. But how to plan spontaneity?

Derek had shown a remarkable resistance to any serious sexuality in front of us. He'd flirt with Leigh easily enough, but as soon as she tried to take it a step further, he would pull away on some pretense or another. The trick was to get him to stop pulling away. But how?

"Well, you need to stop sleeping with her until you do," Téa said, after a moment.


Téa sighed. "For such an intelligent man, you can be pretty dense sometimes, love."

I lifted my head, and turned to look at her. "What's that supposed to mean?"

She raised herself up on her elbow and looked down at me. "This is killing her, John. Fucking you behind his back. Playing these games with him. When it started it was as much fantasy as anything else . . . she really hoped this would become what she and Derek had talked about in their fantasy life."

"Opening up their relationship," I said, letting my head fall back onto the pillow.

"Opening up their relationship," she confirmed. "But when she took the first step, and then the second . . . she had no idea how to take any more. Now, in her mind, it's just them cheating on each other."

I was silent.

"And it's our fault."

She was right, I knew. We had begun this whole thing by seducing Leigh. We hadn't really thought about the consequences. We had thought that they we be able to slip into as open and honest a relationship as we had, but thus far it hadn't happened. And now I had to fix it. But how?

"I'll think of something."

I was stumped. I had gotten as far as realizing that alcohol would be needed to loosen things up a bit. But that was as far as my 'genius' would take me. Then fate conspired to help me out.

That Saturday evening I was out by the pool, when I noticed smoke coming out of an open window at Derek and Leigh's house. I ran over as fast I could, and found Derek sitting on his front porch, coughing.

"You okay?" I asked.


"What happened?"

"Clothes dryer caught on fire."

I looked toward the house. "Need a hand?"

"It out. The fumes are just nasty . . . can't breath too well. Not sure how the hell we're going to sleep in there tonight."

"Maybe you shouldn't," I offered.

Derek shrugged. "I suppose I could get us a hotel," he said, running his fingers through his hair.

"You'll stay with us," I said. "Téa would love to have you."

He started coughing again, and dropped his eyes from mine. It was then that I realized what I had said. Téa would love to have you. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

"Thanks, John, but I don't think . . ."

"Nonsense," I said cutting him off. "It what neighbors do. Just grab what you need and come one over. I'll give you a hand."

He stood and looked at me. "You're sure?" He didn't seem at all convinced that this was a good idea.

"Positive. There's a queen bed in the spare room, and a second full bath for you to use."

"I'll have to ask Leigh . . . to make sure she's comfortable."

"Of course," I said. "Give her a ring."

He pulled out his cell and dialed her number. I listened while he told her what happened, and watched him grin at something she said.

"John offered to let us stay over there for the night, but I thought . . ."

His eyebrows rose slightly. "You sure? I just figured it might be more comfortable . . ." He grinned suddenly. "Alright, I'll tell him. Love you, too." He hung up and turned toward me. "Okay, we'll take you up on it."

Good girl, Leigh. "Great. Let's get your things."

Téa had wanted to cook dinner for everyone, but I figured a barbecue would be a bit more fun. Téa and I always cook together. It's a bit of a bonding time for us, after we've been apart all day. But this time I decided I would do the bulk of the cooking and she would entertain. Her and Leigh had decided to make a bit of a party out of it, and had slipped into their bathing suits for a dip while I was grilling the babybacks and the chicken. The wine and beer had already started flowing and the ladies already seemed to be a bit more 'relaxed' than the men. Derek still sipped his first beer of the night, and I was halfway through my second.

"You want a nipple for that?" I asked, grinning. "Come on . . . it's got to be piss warm by now. Down it and grab another."

Derek grinned, and finished it off in a few quick gulps before pulling another bottle out of the ice bucket.

"Thanks again, John, for letting us crash here."

"I should be thanking you."

He looked at me, a small smile on his face. He knew me well enough by now to be expecting the punchline.

"For grabbing Leigh's bikini before we left your house," I said, chuckling, and eyeing his girlfriend who had just climbed out of the water, and was making her way over to the diving board.

He laughed. "Seriously. Thanks."

I shrugged. "Not a problem." I forced myself to pull my eyes away from Leigh, and her tight ass wiggling under the tight bikini bottoms, and refocused on the ribs. I brushed the last bit of Téa's homemade barbecue sauce on, and waited for them to glaze a bit more. When they were done I pulled them off the grill and plated them. "Let's eat."

The empty beer bottles had started accumulating during and after dinner and the ladies were well into their second bottle of wine. I had a nice buzz going, and Derek seemed even further gone than I was. Téa and Leigh had made themselves cozy on the swing to the side of the deck. They had each pulled on long flowing skirts to cover the lower half of their bikinis, and still sipped their glasses of wine. Téa had her left hand tangled with Leigh's right hand, and they were giggling at some comment Téa had whispered into Leigh's ear.

"You get the feeling we're the target of that?" I asked Derek, my eyes never leaving the two ladies. Unbidden, the image came to me of Téa reclined on the couch with Leigh kneeling between her legs. I could still hear their moans in my head.

"Yeah," Derek answered, laughing. "Any idea what we've done?"

"No," I said, and took a long gulp of me beer, finishing it. "But we should definitely separate them before they decide to run away together."

"Yeah," he answered. "I like you, but I don't want to live with you."

"Well," Téa said, standing. "You don't have anything to worry about tonight, at least. Unfortunately I've got an early day tomorrow . . ."

"Off to bed?" I asked.

"Yeah," she answered, grinning impishly. "Come tuck me in?"

"Love to," I said. "Will you two be alright?" I looked at the other couple.

"Fine," Leigh answered. "Téa already made up the spare bed. You mind if we linger out here for a while? It's a beautiful night."

And it was. The moon was out, full and bright, and it was still warm enough to enjoy sitting outside.

"Of course. I'll kill the lights when I go in. Enjoy . . ."

I held out my hand for Téa who clasped it in hers.

"Goodnight, you two," Téa said.

"Goodnight," they answered.

We made our way inside, and I flicked off the outside lights. Glancing out the nearest window, I could see that the younger couple was still easily seen from the house.

"What was that about?" I asked Téa. "You have nothing to do tomorrow . . ."

"Leigh and I modified your plan."

She told me what they had in mind, and I had to admit it was a much better idea than mine. "Alright, let's try it."

We made our way to the same bedroom where Leigh and I had watched Téa seduce Derek, and made ourselves comfortable by the window for what we figured would be a long wait. We shouldn't have bothered.

Leigh had already managed to get Derek on the swing with her, and was straddling him and kissing him passionately. Derek's hand were up under Leigh's skirt caressing and squeezing her ass. I could see her hips moving slowly, and figured she was grinding her self on him.

"She's not wasting any time," I whispered. "I might have to run back down there."

"Not yet," Téa answered. "She wants you to wait, and watch."

I smiled to myself, but didn't say anything.

Down below, Derek had tugged at Leigh's bikini top, and was sucking on her left breast. Leigh's head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. Her mouth hung open in an "O" of pleasure. She reached behind her and between her legs, to caress him, and her other hand tangled in his wavy hair.

"Mmmmmmm, they seem to be enjoying themselves . . ."

Again, I didn't answer. I was too mesmerized by the scene unfolding below me. I felt Téa's hand squeezing my cock through my swim trunks.

"Too bad you need to be down there, or I'd take you myself," Téa whispered.

My cock lurched under her tiny hand, and I turned to look at her. "Don't tempt me, Love . . ." I leaned over and kissed her hard, my lips forcing hers apart, and my tongue mingling with hers. Her hand squeezed me tighter bringing a groan to my lips.

She pulled away from me, reluctantly. "Behave yourself . . ."

"Me? Who was the one grabbing whose crotch"

She blushed slightly, and looked toward the window, her mouth parted to say something, but those words never came. "Oh my . . ."

I looked down, and felt my cock stiffen to full length. Leigh had turned her back to Derek, and was now riding him hard. Her bikini top was lying on the deck and her skirt was bunched up around her hips. I could only imagine where the bikini bottoms had run off to. Derek's hand gripped her waist for leverage, and he drove his cock up toward her. His own swim trunks were down around his thighs. They looked like a couple who had lost control. Perfect.

"I'm going," I whispered.

"Have fun . . ."

I looked at beautiful smile on my lovely wife's face, and grinned. "You too."

I made my way quickly down the stairs, and slid the sliding screen door open silently. Leigh could see me from her vantage point, and her eyes locked onto mine. She licked her lips slowly, and winked at me, then let out a gasp as Derek slammed into her particularly hard.

I stopped about ten feet away and watched for a moment.

"Well . . . it looks like you two took my 'enjoy' to heart."

Derek immediately froze and looked around Leigh at me.

"Don't stop on my account," I said. "Téa really was tired, apparently. I figured I'd come back out here to see if you guys needed anything. Apparently you don't."

"John, I'm sorry . . ." Derek said. "I don't know what . . ."

I laughed. "Don't worry about it. This isn't the first time something like this has happened here . . ."

Leigh moaned slightly, and started moving on Derek again, slowly.

"Leigh . . ." Derek began.

"No, don't stop, baby, please," Leigh said. She moved herself on him harder, and he groaned. "I need this . . ."

Derek held himself still for a long moment while Leigh moved on him, as if unsure. Then I could see him come to a decision. He pushed her forward slightly, so that she had to support herself by putting her hands on his knees, and drove into her hard.

It seemed that once any thought of getting caught was eliminated, he had no reason to hold back. His hands slid to her ass and squeezed it almost roughly as he drove into her, the sounds of their flesh slapping together mixing easily with their groans of passion.

Unable to take it, I lowered my swim trunks, and wrapped my hand around my cock. I never got far.

"Come here," it was Leigh beckoning me forward . . . her voice husky, almost a purr.

This was it.

I stepped toward her slowly, and she reached out for me. It was as if a surge of electricity shot through my body as her hand came in contact with me. I expected her to tease me a bit, but she was too far gone. She lowered her head immediately to take me in her mouth, and my hand cradled the back of her head. I could feel her fingers squeezing and massaging my balls as her man fucked her hard. She didn't seem to be bouncing on him anymore . . . but instead was holding herself up over him.

Then he stopped. "Wait . . . get off me."

Leigh pulled her mouth off me, fear in her eyes. It was obvious she worried we had gone too far.

"Get off me baby . . ." His voice didn't sound angry, but tender. Leigh did as he asked. Derek yanked her skirt and bikini bottoms off of her (apparently they had just pushed them aside earlier), and they pooled around her feet. "Bend over."

Leigh gasped and bent before him. Derek wasted no time in driving into her from behind. "Now, suck him . . ."

Leigh moaned and practically dove toward my cock. I hid a knowing smile at her reaction. In one moment of candid discussion she had told me the only flaw she found in Derek's sexuality. He had seemed unwilling to take the steps toward being an aggressive lover, which is one of the things she had found so appealing about me.

Her lips and tongue assaulted me mercilessly, and one hand pressed against my thigh as the other wrapped around the base of my cock. Derek had to bend his knees to keep himself at the right height for her, but it didn't seem to be hindering him in the least. He drove into her hard and fast, his eyes never leaving the sight of her sucking me off. It was obvious the sight of another man's cock between the lips of his sexy girlfriend was having an incredible effect on him.

Leigh, I think, was lost to the world. Her eyes had glazed over as she gave herself to us completely. Derek's hard pounding had the effect of driving her forward onto me, and I matched my short thrusts with his, fucking her mouth as he fucked her cunt.

It was too much for Derek. He drove into her harder, the muscles on his arms and abdomen rippling with the exertion. He grunts became louder and more insistent.

"He's going to cum, Leigh," I growled, and pulled her off of my cock by her hair. "He's going to cum in you after watching you sucking on another man . . . you want that?"

"Yes," she moaned. "I want it . . ."

"Tell him . . ."

"I want it!" She screamed. Then, almost immediately, her body convulsed. "Oh God, I'm cumming! Cum with me, baby . . . fill me with it!"

Derek moaned loudly and drove himself deep into her. Leigh gasped, her fingers digging into my arms.

"I can feel it!" she whispered. "Oh God, I can feel it shooting in me! So much . . . so much . . ."

Derek held himself deep inside of her, only thrusting when it was needed to force another jet of cum from his cock. His face was a mask of pleasure, and his whole body shook. Leigh shuddered and fell into me exhausted. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her up. Her legs shook under her, and Derek wrapped his arms around her waist. Without a word between us, we lifted her and carried her to the table, the closest surface, and sat her on it.

Then we heard the applause. Téa stood not six feet away, wearing nothing at all. Her body almost shone in the moonlight, despite the tan. Again I was shocked by the contrasts between the two women. One curvy and buxom, and the other small and petite. She stopped clapping, walked over, and ran her hand along my chest. "That was quite a show . . ."

"How long were you there?"

"She came out while we were still on the swing," Derek answered for her.

For the first time today, I was genuinely surprised. "And you said nothing?" I asked Derek.

He shrugged. "I was having too much fun."

I couldn't help it. I laughed.

Téa just shook her head and smiled, before glancing over at Leigh. "You alright, Leigh?"

Leigh took a long, steadying breath, and nodded. "It was just a bit much . . . I couldn't stop cumming . . . I thought I was going to faint. But I'm okay . . ."

Téa's hand slid down my chest, and wrapped around my still rampant cock. "John's not, though . . . are you Love?" She looked up at me.

I shrugged. "You want to help me out with this?"

Téa looked back at Leigh. "I think Leigh wants to finish what she started."

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