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On the fourth day of January, a couple moved into a local subdivision; a family of six, and what appeared to be husband, wife, and their children.

There in South Carolina, at least in that neighborhood, it had been tradition to invite new family's over for cookouts or meals, depending on the season or the new neighbors.

Everyone Tom and Yvonne had over or other friends in the area, invited over, were upbeat and became long lasting friends from the get-togethers thrown for that neighbor.

Something didn't seem right with this family, but you couldn't tell by watching the children. They were your everyday normal kids. The girls immediately hooked up with other area girls or boys and walked the streets, as they normally would. The two younger ones, played games in their backyard as did any kids.

When, Yvonne and Tom walked over to the new neighbors home, a couple doors down, the neighbors noticed them, smiled, but quickly rushed inside of their house and closed the doors. Tom and Yvonne stopped half way and looked at one another.

"Maybe they are not sociable, Tom. Maybe they are from an environment where they don't mix with others. I've known people like that", said Yvonne.

"Yeah me too hon, I know some too", replied Tom. Tom didn't say anything else. Nevertheless, what seemed odd to him was that woman was dressed in bright clad colors and stylish at that, which Yvonne didn't mention anything about.

Tom contemplated why they would react this way for a while. Later that day, he saw what he thought was the husband. He was out front, trying to fix the mailbox.

"Hi neighbor, can I give you a hand with that mailbox?"

He only smiled, nodded no and waved. The man, whose name Tom didn't know yet, avoided him. Tom got on the internet and tried to find out from public records who the property owners were. It was owned by a corporation it said.

"That's strange he thought. A business owns this residential property?"

Standing in the back yard later, Tom looked across to their yard and saw the woman gardening away. She saw him holding a beer and looking at her. She stood up and walked in to her garage. Tom was perplexed.

What was up with this couple? He saw his friend Chuck and offered him a beer and they talked about the new neighbors and their idiosyncrasies. Chuck suggested a few things, but he remembered a couple he read about with four kids, slightly older, that was involved in a huge drug deal and sting operation. He wondered if they could be this family.

Tom was curious, but had other things going on and dropped it for the time being. He was talking to Chet, Greg and Don about them. Don, being on the force, could get some inside information, if Tom really was that interested.

Several days later, Yvonne and Tom were out to dinner and saw the couple at the same restaurant. Tom walked up to them and introduced himself. They hardly did that in return. Tom felt they were rude, but wasn't aware of their circumstances.

Finally, the husband spoke up, "Listen, it is really nice to meet you. I am not trying to be rude or unsociable; I am not. My wife and I are in a situation, currently, that I am not able to become sociable with anyone. This is nothing personal, nor is it anything else. It is all about a personal matter we are involved with and I can't say anything else. I do appreciate your attempted hospitality though."

He smiled at Tom and the guy's wife smiled at Yvonne and Tom as well, but oddly, when Yvonne looked away to the couple's waiter, the woman smiled and winked at Tom directly. She was an attractive woman, dressed modestly this time, although she was flashier the first day Tom saw her.

It struck him as odd that she did this and it made Tom initially uncomfortable. He had been married to Yvonne for 21 years and no woman had ever winked at him, not the way she did.

His name is Gordon and her name escaped him. She had deep blue eyes and medium length natural auburn hair. She was a tall woman, standing 5' 10". Gordon stood about 6'2". He was a big brawny fellow and in good shape.

She had a set of shoulders on her, but she also was a well-endowed woman and Tom couldn't even imagine what she was. He wouldn't even fathom a guess. However, what did stand out after all this was her body; it slimmed down as it came close to her hips. It was as if she worked hard at keeping her shape. It seemed virtually impossible to keep in Tom's opinion, but getting occasional looks, made him think, she was a lot better looking then he originally realized.

Tom wanted to get to know them better because that was his nature. Yet, as Yvonne said they couldn't become sociable therefore, he backed off the situation.

Tom worked out of his house and since his kids were grown and moved away, he had the freedom to work his own hours.

He walked every morning at about 4:00AM or so. Hardly did he see anyone walk at this time of the morning. To his surprise, he saw his neighbor walking and yes, anyone that knew what she looked like would know it was Gordon's wife.

She left Tom's line of sight. He always walked for 2 hours. 20 minutes later, he heard breathing behind him.

"Good Morning, Tom. It's nice to see another healthy soul out this early, especially a man."

She startled him, but he didn't recognize the voice or the breathing. She was dressed in a bright colored sweat suit. Her hair was pulled back in a short ponytail. It showed her nice facial features that Tom never noticed before on her. The suit itself hid her beautiful physique as well. He always wondered what her lower body looked like.

She was huffing and puffing and her chest heaved as she breathed. Her large voluptuous chest announced itself as she took a deep breath. She knew I noticed that fact and she wasn't concerned.

"Good morning, I'm fine, thank you. How are you? That's a very nice outfit, if you don't mind me saying so."

"Thank you, I appreciate it. I am well. How long have you been walking Tom?"

She smiled while we made small talk, but not once did Tom learn anything about their little secret she was required to keep. He began to suspect what Chuck said was the truth. Between Don, Chuck, and him, they would discover all of this.

"I have to apologize, I didn't catch your name the other evening at the restaurant, and I feel so rude about that too."

"It's Ginny. My name is Ginny Rialto, Tom. You need to address me by the name of Karen Ronald."

That was what he remembered from the restaurant. However, why she would tell Tom her real name, Ginny, made him wonder.

"Ginny, or excuse me, Karen why did you just do that? Why did you just represent yourself in that way?"

"I told you because I feel deep down in my heart, I can trust you. I or we had to change our names. Let's walk and talk quietly, Tom. Given enough time, I hope we all can become great friends, okay. This should be a permanent move for us."

"I'm right then? You are in a witness protection program?"

"Yes, yes that is right Tom. However, what you know today... she stopped walking and turned to look at Tom in a hidden area of the neighborhood... what you know today has to stay a secret for a while. You must not even disclose it to Yvonne; please, I'm asking a huge favor. I'll make it really worth your while, down the road; then she winked at Tom.

I just need to free myself a little of all this and from all the looks and attempts at being a friend to us, I am making one attempt with you. I am begging for your confidentiality Tom."

"Let's keep walking", Tom said to her.

"The reason I caught up to you is because, I like you and I think you find me attractive. Gordon, and that's not his real name, and I are not married. The kids are mine and I love them 'from the bottom of my heart'.

Gordon is my brother. Then she laughed quietly. Don't get any ideas about me being single Tom, hehehe; I won't intrude on your marriage, unless you're interested later. She paused for a second... of course we can discuss something down the road, if you'd like to. I find you handsome for sure. I don't mind being forthright either about my opinions." "Well thank you, I did catch that wink the other night and I was flattered. I should get back home and you too, I suppose", Tom said.

She held Tom's hand. It was larger then most women's hands, but a soft and regal. "Thank you for your understanding. I do want to confide in you and Yvonne, but for now, please don't say anything."

Then she hugged him. Her breasts were a lot larger then he imagined. They were substantial in size. He sure felt good getting the hug.

Tom smiled and she caught him smiling. They separated and went their own ways. He looked back as she went up her driveway and she turned, knowing he seemed to be watching and smiled and blew a kiss towards him.

Tom could not wait for tomorrow mornings walk. What would she be wearing? Would she and him even catch up and chat? "Maybe I should wear something 'sharp' looking. Maybe, I should go to the department store, have some of the young women pick out some more vogue outfits, and see how I look in them", Tom began to consider.

Later that day, he strolled through the department store and had to walk through the 'misses' section to get to the men's department. There was Karen and her two daughters. Smiling and laughing away with one another, they seemed very happy together.

He decided not to disturb them. He passed by and one daughter saw him and said something to Karen. Karen waved hi and smiled at me as she winked.

Tom started looking for outfits, but sort of felt as if he shouldn't be, now that she knows he was there. A woman about his age, 39, came up and she had a typical cheery smile and wore black attire that most of them wore while at work. Her hair flowed freely down over her shoulders as Tom kept close watch on its silky personality.

"I do like your hair; it is very becoming on you. All of you always have such a nice appearance and that's putting it mildly." Tom smiled gently when he said that to her. It caught her attention, as she was flattered by the compliment!

She blushed, but said thank you several times. "Now what can I help you with sir?"

"Well first, my name is Tom and if you aren't attached, would you care to have lunch. No, I'm only kidding, but it did cross my mind. I'd be honored after that bogus pick up attempt, if you said yes."

"No I'm not offended at all. I am attached and you weren't out of line Tom. I'm flattered by the offer. That does happen often, but we are used to it. Truly, I am flattered. Maybe we can, if our schedules allow for it, have lunch sometime." She laughed at their conversation; Tom smiled at her response.

He was attracted to her looks and that was it. He wasn't very serious or he didn't think he was actually. Maybe she is on the hunt and he didn't know what he was getting himself into actually.

"I don't want to appear rude, although I have already passed that stage, but I've been happily married for 21 years."

"19 years myself, she replied, I'm Jennifer; it's nice to meet you Tom." They shook hands and she proceeded to ask him what he was searching for specifically.

Tom told her as she led him through the racks. He had a flirt on his hands. Deft as she was at it, she was nonchalant in doing so and he was flattered at the attention.

"You aren't just flirting with me Jennifer, to get a sale, are you?"

"Yes I am Tom but I will continue to flirt with you, after work is done, if you'd like to", as she laughed tenderly. He thought she was serious. That's the way it appeared.

He began wondering if she was a high-class slut. No, she's just a woman who enjoys flirting and hoping to get an arousing charge from it all.

As they went through the areas, she outfitted him perfectly to his tastes, and not what she thought was nice. She was a good sales person. Albeit, an attractive salesperson, a great flirt, but also good at sales. Of course, he loved the way her outfit suited her.

"Here's your receipt, she said. Now, on a more personal note, if you like to chat online or otherwise, I'm usually on in the early mornings around 6 to 9 or in the evenings too. Here's my card. We'll see each other another time hopefully. Give me a call."

Tom thought, "What the hell, what did I just get myself into? Wow, what a woman, I wonder how many guys she strings along?"

He didn't call her for a long time, but when he did, she was overjoyed and wanted lunch with him. She said she expected him to call a lot sooner. That was encouraging to Tom.

That afternoon, Tom told Yvonne about his experience, but he left out the detail of her 'calling card'. Tom was curious. She laughed at him and called Tom a dupe. Immediately, she and Tom had a quickie in their back bedroom on the main floor. She cleaned up and went to work right after that. He felt more like a man that day than in a long time.

He hadn't even shown her his new outfits. He didn't think she cared afterwards. Yvonne was satisfied, he was emptied out, and both had renewed smiles on them!

Back to work in his Den, he was doing research for a contractual merger for one of his clients. He never IM's or chats online with anyone. Not while he is working. Tom did get a phone call from Gordon his neighbor asking him about local hardware and supply stores. Gordon took the information from Tom and went on to get the materials himself.

That evening came, Yvonne and Tom decided to take a nice stroll and relax. He was hoping that they could produce more of that instant 'magic' which appeared out of nowhere earlier. Yes, he was yearning for a little more lovemaking with his wonderful, sexy wife.

Yeah, he still believes his wife is sexy and yeah, he believes she still sees herself as a sexy woman too. "Tom, you know that I think I am still a sexually attractive woman, right?"

He stopped, turned, and held her hands; "Do you see this outfit I bought? I bought it because I still believe it too and I want us to be able to show any of the feelings we have at anytime; so yes honey, I still do believe you are a very sexy woman and without question!"

She smiled and in the middle of the neighborhood, on the side of the road, Yvonne and he passionately kissed. That kiss they gave to one another was romantic and erotic enough that it aroused intimate sensations within both of them!

However, she was trying to say something else. "Let's go home sweetheart. I'd like to discuss something I am becoming interested in and I want your thoughts."

Hand in hand, she and Tom walked back to their house. They looked like such a cute couple together.

They stepped in side the house; he removed his jacket, which was part of his new walking outfit. He only wore one of his signature t-shirts that fit him well. Yvonne lifted off her windbreaker, her tight knit top showed off her nice chest, and he instantly noticed she was aroused. Not horny, but because of the temperature fluctuations, her nipples were hard. He focused in on those immediately!

"No, now get your mind off of those two for now Thomas. Let's talk about you and me. They laughed because of his mindset. Thomas, do you know how much I really, really love you? Do you honey?"

"Yes and I love you just as much; to the ends of the earth, Yvonne."

She smiled and nodded at Tom.

She continued to smile and scooted closer to him. She held his hands. She looked at him more critically. Then she smiled again. Those different looks confused him.

"You and I have grown and changed in many ways, all the while we have adapted to the changes of each other, honey. One idea I've had in mind and this has been rumbling around in my head for over a year now is that I want to try something different. I want to experience something different, but I want to remain in love with you throughout what I want."

He was confused. She was beating around the bush. He didn't know where she was heading with all of this.

"Thomas sweetheart, I... she paused and looked down, then he held her chin softly. He lifted it up and he looked into her eyes with great interest. She continued... I want to test the market, honey. I have strong, even powerful urges to have sex with other people."

He wasn't flabbergasted; he was floored! "What did this mean for their marriage? How would this change how we approached one another? How would this affect our love for each other?" He had so many questions that quickly ran all around his mind. First, and foremost, he was floored.

He was speechless and abruptly stood up and circled the room. This became a confounding situation for Tom. He didn't say anything for almost a minute, nor did she. She only watched his reactions.

"Yvonne, are you sure you are still in love with me?"

"Tom, I am totally sure I am still in love with you. I know I find you sexy. I know I want to make love with you. I know that when you come out of the shower or the bathroom that I still want to kiss you from head to toe, feel you everywhere, and even fuck madly with you most days! I am still in love with you and I know that, deep, deep in my heart and soul."

"Yvonne, then where does this all leave me or us?"

The discussion went on and on and he began to argue about everything with Yvonne for an hour and a half. He was upset and she was remorseful about it. She never wanted to hurt his feelings.

It was 8:30PM and he stopped questioning her. He was confused and stunned; he was upset still. He loved her and secretly he felt he was being 'punished' for the recent flirting he did.

"I am taking a walk. I will be back. I have to think this out and clear my mind", he said.

She tried to kiss him. He didn't want one now. He picked up his wallet as he always did and his cell phone, like normal.

Walking through the subdivision, he took a different route. He passed by Karen's house and she was decorating the garden out front. She saw him, waved, and said "hi" aloud. He waved back, but trudged ahead.

As he walked briskly, he began to think of the days events. Then he began thinking about Jennifer from the store. He pulled her number out, his cell out, and began dialing her number. Then he cancelled the call.

Then he did it again. He stopped dialing again. Just then, Gordon drove by. He stopped, rolled his window down, and was in a jovial mood. Tom had never seen him that way.

He was gregarious and inviting. "Tom, would you and Yvonne like to come over for a cookout tomorrow evening? Say about 5 - 5:30PM. We are serving chicken on the grill and it's a special recipe too. Say yes, okay Tom?"

Tom was dumbfounded. Gordon was all clean-shaven. He looked preppy in a button down shirt and khaki slacks. He seemed happier then Tom ever saw him. He stuck his hand out and they shook hands.

"I have a long story to tell you and I think, well I know you will find it interesting", he continued.

"Okay, Tom said, but let me clear it with Yvonne."

"Oh yes, please do that; she seems to be a wonderful and beautiful woman and wife. You are as lucky as I am Tom. You really are."

"Gordon, let's talk and have fun. I know it's not your real name. That much I know. I also know you two are not married and that you are brother and sister."

"I know she told you Tom, its cool, and I look forward to tomorrow, okay?"

He drove on and that made Tom a bit happier. Tom finally called Jennifer. He got her voice mail on her cell. He left a nice message and hoped to hear from her sometime soon.

After walking for a while, it was close to 9:45PM and he passed by Karen's house again. She was in a pair of shorts. It was warmer that evening, which meant rain was on the way. The temperature shot up to 70 degrees. It was humid.

That was the first time he saw her legs. They were definitely strong, defined legs. She showed great calves and large shapely thighs; "Damn, they were sexy ones for sure" he thought!

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