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The next morning, we were all at breakfast together. The boys looked incredibly sheepish. They responded to our every simple whim. When Beth and I asked them to go fix us plates at the buffet, they ran off like our personal servants. What fun.

She the told me that after I left Harris was still on the bed blindfolded. "I decided to do an experiment," she said. "I went into the bathroom and returned with some K-Y. I told him to raise his knees and I started to stroke his wet cock. After what he had been through, his cock did not react. I then took some K-Y and put it on my middle finger and shoved it up his asshole. He started to squirm, but did not complain. Then I inserted two fingers and stated to stroke in and out. His cock started to get real hard again. 'So Harris' I said, 'tell me how much you want me to fuck your ass.'"

Harris said, "Oh God, that feels good."

"I did it for another minute, then I pulled my fingers out and said it was time for bed. He actually whimpered." She laughed. I told him it had been a long day and he would just have to wait until tomorrow. "And no jerking off!" I warned him. "You're going to need it for tomorrow."

I then told Beth my story. At the end, she said, "I know just what we are going to do, listen." She told me her plan.

I said, "Let's go for it!"

This time there was no question that we were going to the nude beach. Beth and I walked and the boys walked a few respectful steps behind us. I could feel there eyes on our asses the entire walk. I do not think there were looking at anyone else.

When Beth and I picked a spot we immediately undressed. This time we did not even look at the boys. Once we were naked, we applied suntan lotion to our own front and legs, spending too much time on our chests and between our legs. Out of the corner of our eyes, we could see the boys' cocks start to swell. When we were done Beth said "Let me help you." and she began to put lotion on my back. My nipples stiffened. Beth finished by rubbing lotion onto my pert ass. Beth then turned and pulled up her long hair. At this point, the boys were on their stomachs, hiding their growing erections. As I rubbed lotion onto her back and sides, her big breasts jiggled. Sean sighed. Beth grinned.

When we were finished, we laid down. Harris then said, "What about us?"

Beth simply responded, "We're finished. But you better get some lotion on fast before this Caribbean sun burns you up"

As planned, the boys would now have to lotion each other, and they each had an erection. Beth and I giggled to ourselves. We did not watch them, but we heard the awkward mumbling as they each applied lotion to the back of another naked and aroused male.

Beth and I spent the rest of the morning together, completely ignoring the boys. We swam together and took a walk together. This left the boys to only talk with each other. To our amazement, they did not even try to infringe on our privacy.

At lunch time Beth announced that "Carrie and I want to eat in today. Bring lunch up to Carrie's room, we will be waiting." When they arrived, Beth and I were on the bed together, naked. We were not doing anything, but I am sure it gave their imaginations a ride. Beth and I jumped up and sat at the small table and motioned for the boys to join us. They sat down, still in their bating suits and tank tops. We did not tell them to undress and they were apparently afraid to do so without our permission.

When we were finished eating, Beth said, "Sean take off your tank top and come here." Sean did as he was told without hesitation. Beth, still naked and sitting, started to rub Sean's back with her left hand, and continued, "I guess Carrie told you that we got a little wild last night. Carrie just loved Harris' thick cock so much, but I wouldn't let him fuck her for long, because we did not discuss it with you first. You don't mind if Harris really fucks her do you?" At the same time her right hand patted Sean's growing erection through his bathing suit. "Obviously you like the idea," Beth giggled as she now openly stroked Sean through his suit.

"Now, we are going to have to blindfold you and Harris. I don't think Carrie and I would be comfortable if you boys were watching. And Sean, while Harris is fucking your wife, you can eat my pussy. After fucking Harris for all these years, I don't think your small penis would do my pussy much good. But I've always heard that a man with a small penis gives great head. Hell, I may even give you a blow job. Its been a long time since I have had a cock small enough to fit in my mouth." And Beth leaned over and licked Sean through his suit (At this point I almost felt sorry for Sean. In truth his penis is just as long, maybe loner than Harris', but Harris' was two or three time as thick).

We got into position, with Sean lying on his back on the left side of the bed with Beth squatted over his face. Me, sideways on the bed, and Harris behind me. As soon as Harris' fat cock entered my pussy I started to yelp and moan like a common whore, "Oh God Harris, fuck me harder, harder. It feels so fucking good. I've never been fucked like this before." I was only somewhat aware that I was saying all of these thing only a few feet away from my husband.

Normally I am quiet in bed, but with Harris' jumbo cock stretching my pussy, I wanted the whole world to know how good it felt.

At the same time, Beth was saying, "Sean, do you hear your wife? She loves a big cock!! What a hot little slut she is." I could see Sean's penis dripping pre-cum. He loved every minute of it. After about fifteen minutes, Beth leaned down and said "I just have to have that cock in my mouth." And she took Sean down to the root. Now Beth's swaying tits were right in my face. I put my hands on Sean's stomach, thereby making contact with Beth's tits. I began to pinch Sean. I then yelled "God, I am coming, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh Harris, I love your big cock. It's the best, the best fuck ever." And I came and came and came. I thought (prayed) it would never stop. Beth's tits were swinging back and forth and I saw Sean's hips jerk up. He was coming in Beth's mouth. I felt Harris come in my pussy. I came even more.

When we finished moaning Beth raised herself off of Sean's face and I moved up to hug Sean. For a few moments I forgot he was my husband and truthfully told him, "I have never been fucked so good. He is so big and hard. I felt like my cunt was going to rip apart. From now on I am going to need a big cock." Then I remembered that I was talking to my husband, the only man who had been inside my tight pussy for 13 years. "Are you upset?" I asked. Sean's eyes were closed and he did not answer. Without thinking my hand stroked his cock. He was hard!! (again? still?) "Ummmmmm, I'm glad you like me getting fucked by a big cock so much, because I love it."

At the same time I saw Beth kissing Harris and stroking his cock. Oh my God. She was kissing Harris right after Sean had cum in her mouth. Had she swallowed? Or was she feeding Harris Sean's semen? His cock was hard too.

Beth broke the kiss and told the boys to stay where they were. Beth and I then pulled two chairs away from the table and sat down, still naked, facing the bed.

Beth said, "You can remove your blindfolds now. I saw Sean's eyes go straight for my pussy, so I spread my legs slightly so that he could see Harris' cum slowly leaking out.

Beth said, "I see you boys are still excited. We can't take you back to the beach that way and Carrie and I are tired. Jerk off."

They both just looked at Beth. "I said jerk off. Now." And with that Beth let her hand rest on my thigh. The boys watched her hand and began to pull on their cocks. I had never seen Sean masturbate (in fact it never occurred to me that he did). It was fun to watch. However, having just cum, neither one of them was completely hard. Beth then moved her hand up and started to gently play with my breast. I did the same to her. Their cocks immediately turned hard.

"I think the boys like what they see." I said. "Keep jerking off, see if you can cum at the same time." I was amazed. Sean and Harris were each standing naked jerking off in front of one another while Beth and I idly stroked each other's breasts.

"Sean and Harris, turn and look at each other's cocks. Just think Sean, Harris' cock just fucked your wife better than you ever did. Harris, Sean just came down my troat. Go ahead, look at each other." They faced each other and looked at each other's cock. Then Beth said "Boys, look," and she bent down and took my nipple in her mouth. Within 5 seconds, the boys came . . . on each other!!! Wow.

We returned to the beach and acted as we did in the morning. Beth and I stayed together, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.

Day Three (the night)

Beth and I got dressed up (without underwear, at Beth's suggestion) and went to dinner. We told the boys to stay in the room, order a pizza and to stay naked, we would check in on them later. After a short dinner, Beth and I went up to the room to confirm that the boys had received their dinner and were still naked. My pussy started to drip when I thought of the two of them just hanging out naked together. Beth then told them she had a treat for them and turned on the T.V. to a pornographic movie. She told them "Play with your cocks. I want you to keep them hard until we return . . . and no coming! Got it?"

"Yes," our trained studs answered in unison.

Then Beth said, "Maybe this will help to get you started." Beth pulled my dress up to show my blonde pussy. While she did this, I pulled her blouse up to show her braless tits. The boys were already hard. "Remember, no coming. We'll be back." and we giggled as we left the room. Like I said, the picture of the two of them so casually playing with themselves in front of us and each other had me horny as hell.

We went back to the hotel bar for a drink before we went back upstairs. As we sat down, the bartender came over and said the two gentleman across the bar would like to buy us a drink. Beth accepted for us and told the bartender to send them over. Beth then told me to unbutton the next button on my dress. She did the same with her blouse.

Well, we had been referring to our husbands as boys for the last two days, but these guys really were boys. I assumed they were college students. They both had super short hair and perfect young hard bodies. Brad had blonde hair and Juan, who was a Spanish exchange student, was dark with beautiful dark eyes. We had some polite discussion then Beth said, "Thanks for the drinks, I've got bad news boys, Carrie and I are old enough to be your, well much older sisters."

"That's alright. You don't look like my sister" said Brad "And you are beautiful to look at," added Juan. At that Beth laughed and leaned over, exposing her great bosom. Juan was looking at my chest as well and I noticed my nipples were poking through my dress.

I looked from my nipples to Juan's eyes and said, "It's a shame you missed us on the beach today. You could have seen a whole lot more."

"We only arrived today," said Juan apologetically.

Beth said, "Well then you deserve a peek." And pulled her shirt away from her chest so that Brad could look down her top. I moved the top of my dress to one side so that my right nipple was clearly visible to Juan. The boys smiled in appreciation.

"Why don't you two come to the nude beach tomorrow, you can see the whole package." Beth and I rearranged our tops. "Unfortunately, now we have to go. Our naked husbands are upstairs masturbating waiting for us." And we left the bar amid promises that Brad and Juan would really get to see more of us tomorrow.

As expected our husbands were still naked and masturbating, lying next to one another on the bed. It was amazing how comfortable they were with each other. Beth stated things off, "What good boys you are. So nice and hard. Carrie come look at these beautiful hard cocks."

I moved to the other side of the bed and said "Yes, they are hard and ready, what should we do with them."

"They just look so naughty, the two of them pulling on their naked cocks while the two of us, fully dressed, stand here and watch. You know what would be even naughtier Carrie, if they played with each other." Neither of them moved. "You boys liked it when Carrie and I played with each other's tits this afternoon. Now its your turn. I tell you what, you boys are going to put on a show. Do everything we tell you to do and then you can watch while Carrie and I make love."

We did not wait for an agreement. I took Harris' hand off his cock and placed it on Sean's hard dick. I then put Sean's hand on Harris. "Go ahead, jerk each other off while we watch." And they did. After about five minutes, Beth said, "Sean, this is Harris' birthday weekend. As you know, his cock is too big for Carrie or I to get into our mouth. I bet you could."

Sean did not move. I was sitting on the bed next to Harris and I unbuttoned the last two buttons on the top of my dress and said, "Sean, its just like sucking a big nipple. I know how you like that. Come here." He bent over Harris and I placed my nipple in his mouth. I then slowly moved my chest down while holding Harris' dick up. My nipple and Harris' cock were only inches apart. I then had Harris' cock up against my nipple and both made contact with Sean's mouth. I then gently moved his head off my nipple and totally onto Harris' fat cock and whispered "That's it sweetheart, put it in your mouth. Lick and suck it. I love watching you suck a cock. Ummmm, you do it so good."

It was then that I noticed that Beth had taken out the video camera and was filming my husband giving her husband a blow job. The thought that she was getting this on tape sent my cunt into a mild orgasm. Beth motioned for me to move away from the bed and I went over to stand with Beth. After a few minutes, Beth told me to get the K-Y jelly and gave me instructions for Sean.

"Sean," I whispered, "its time for Harris to cum in your mouth. Be my good pet and swallow it all. This is so exciting for me. I put some K-Y on my middle finger and slid it up Harris' ass and pumped. Harris suddenly held onto Sean's head and shoved that big cock all the way down Sean's troat. Sean then pulled away and Harris' cum flew all over Sean and I.

Beth left the camera on the table, still recording, and moved up to Harris and said, "Harris, tell Sean how much you want him to fuck you in the ass."

"Oh please, Beth, don't make me do that, please." Harris pleaded.

"Harris, you know you want your ass fucked and I want to watch Sean do it, now get up on your hands and knees and spread your ass checks."

Harris got up on all fours and spread his checks. I moved Sean, whose cock was on overdrive, behind Harris' upturned ass and applied some K-Y to his cock and moved his cock to Harris' open asshole. He slid right in.

"Come on Harris," Beth yelled "moan like a slut." And he did.

Beth and I each had our hands rubbing our cunts. I was on the verge of coming when I felt a two fingers penetrate my cunt. It was Beth. I nodded in approval and did the same for her. What a sight, Sean fucking Harris' ass while Beth and I masturbated one another.

Finally Sean came and Harris came too, even though no one had touched his cock.

He really liked to have his ass invaded. Beth and I came. Beth then hid the camera. And we just sat there and looked at our sweaty men.

Beth said, "You boys definitely earned the right to a show. Have a shower and a beer and Carrie and I will be right with you. The boys did as told and 15 minutes later Beth said, "Now, as much as Carrie and I enjoy watching you boys jerk off, this is our show, there will be no use of hands." Beth proceeded to tie Sean's then Harris' hands behind their backs. With Harris and Sean naked with their hands tied behind their backs, Beth came to me and kissed me on the lips. We kissed, still dressed, for a long time. Then I felt my nipples over Beth's chest and reached out to fondle her chest. It felt so good, so different from my own. Beth groaned. I whispered in her ear, "Are we really making love or putting on a show?"

Beth answered "Both."

And we made love and put on a show. I won't describe it here. It was very different from being with a man. After the last two days, it was actually relaxing, calming. This is not the reaction we got from the boys. They were very excited, but they sat silently and watched. When Beth and I were finished, she told them they could go sleep in the other room, we would call them in the morning when we were ready. I got up and untied them and gave them a key and crawled back to bed with Beth. Beth said, "No jerking, sucking or fucking boys.

See you in the morning." Beth and I just kissed lightly, tasting each other's cunts, until we feel asleep. We both enjoyed our fist lesbian experience.

Day Four (the morning)

Beth and I woke up together. It was still pleasing to be in a feminine world, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. She really is beautiful and her body is so soft. I knew that no matter what happened with our husbands, we would always have a special relationship. From then on we would tease each other in front of the boys, but we would only make love in private.

We called the boys and directed them to come to our room, naked. When they knocked, we left them in the hall for just a minute. Then we let them in. Beth told them to sit on the bed. Beth and I had put on long T-shirts. We liked the feeling of being dressed while they were naked. Beth had me take out the video camera and I started filming. The boys tried to cover up, then Beth calmly announced "Boys, put your hands down. I hope that you have enjoyed the last few days. Carrie and I have decided that we like you this way. From now on you will be our sex slaves. There will be no chains or whips and you can always stop when you want. But once you stop, you never get to play the game with us again. This is only a sex thing. We are still husbands and wives, with equal responsibilities. But in all things sexual, you do what you are told. You will only cum when Carrie or I give you permission to do so. From now on your dicks belong to us. We may or may not decide to include others in our game. We may or may not include you when we want to make love to one another. That will be up to us. Now, on tape, please tell me if you freely agree to this."

Amazingly they answered "We do" in unison and without hesitation.

"Good," Beth smiled. "Make each other hard. We have one more thing to get on tape to prove your devotion to us." Beth moved to me and kissed me softly on the lips. "Do you agree?" She whispered. "Yes, I love it." And I kissed her back.

Beth returned her attention to the boys jerking each other off. They were hard by now. "Very good, such obedient slaves. Now you are going to get to fuck us both. Sean you fuck me. Harris, fuck Carrie." Beth moved the camera in to place. "Boys, lets make this a quickie, we have to leave today."

They each fucked fast and furious. When they finished, Beth ordered, "Sean, go lick Harris' cum from your wife's cunt. Harris come eat me." Beth and I each got up on our elbows and watched as our husbands ate another man's cum from our pussies. We smiled at each other and I said "It's good to be the queen." We recorded it all on videotape.

Beth again led us to the nude beach. We had until 3 pm to leave for our flight, so we had time to enjoy one last morning. Beth told the boys to set up here and to lotion each other. The boys did as directed, but she made no move to undress herself. When the boys were naked and lotioned, Beth told them we would be back later.

I had no idea what she was doing until I saw Brad and Juan waiving to us. They were in a slightly secluded part of the beach. As we walked over, they stood up. Brad was very thin with a nice long dick, but Juan had a monster between his legs, bigger that Harris. My nipples went up.

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