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After we arrived home I did a lot of thinking as to how to proceed. It was really fun to control Sean (and Harris) and I do not think we ever made them do anything that they did not want to do. Other than sex, I wanted to have a normal marriage filled with mutual respect and admiration. However, I loved the new sexual energy I had discovered. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to engage in sex with another man, another man with a large cock that is! I could not believe what a difference a large cock could make. I also enjoyed humiliating Sean. I did not want to hurt his feelings or berate him, I just wanted to expose his sexual submission to himself and to others. The other thing I knew was that, occasionally, I would feel the need to be with Beth.

We arrived home at 1 am Monday morning. At this point I guess I should describe our home life. Much to our disappointment, Sean and I do not have children. We live in a small ranch on a secluded country road with few neighbors. We also own a cottage on a lake, about 1½ hours away. Beth has a daughter, Sara, who is 18 and a freshman in college (Sara is not Harris' child. Beth had her after graduating from college, she was not married to the father). Beth and Harris live about a mile down the road from Sean and me.

We both went to work a little late on Monday and our busy week proceeded as normal, without any discussion of what had happened on our vacation. At night we normally sleep naked. For some reason I wore a nightshirt to bed, which I usually do when I have my period. In fact, I did not let Sean see me naked the entire week. Sean undressed in front of me and slept naked as usual. I thought it was strange that Sean did not want to discuss the vacation. Despite the fact that I was dressed and no one touched his penis, by Thursday night Sean was erect from the time he got undressed until he went to sleep, and was still erect in the morning when got out of bed to get dressed.

On Friday after work I showered and returned downstairs in a pair of old loose cotton shorts and a tank top with no bra. Sean was still in his business suit. When he saw my bouncing boobs his penis went erect (I almost always wear a bra to conceal my long nipples). I told him to bring a couple of beers into the living room. When he entered I asked him to stand for a second. He had repositioned his cock but it was still hard. Although I was not quite sure what I was going to say, I began "I guess you have been wondering how our vacation is going to effect our home life. To be honest I am not sure myself. I like being in control of our sex life. Tell me, do you like it too?"

"Yes, Hon, I do," he answered.

"What do you like about it?"

"I'm not sure. As a man you always feel as if you are forcing yourself on a woman. Doing something that I want, not what she wants. But if I am doing what you want, then I don't have anything to feel guilty about. I'm not forcing myself on you, its up to you what to do. I'm free to just enjoy myself."

"Good answer. How about my having sex with other men. When I fucked Harris, there was trade off that you got to be with Beth. But I fucked Juan because I wanted to feel his big cock inside me. You received nothing in return."

"I got back a wife that was horny as hell. Hon, you had me finger you in an elevator and then lick you. How many times in our marriage have you been that turned on? When we were younger that would have upset me. But we have been married for a long time, seeing you so sexually excited is the most thrilling thing in my life, no matter how it happens." I liked that answer a lot.

"And did you like to be humiliated in front of those young girls on the beach? And with Renee? Do you like to have your submissive side exposed to others?"

"Yes, I don't know why, but yes, it is exciting to know that you are doing this to me. That you are putting that much focus on our sex life. It's also been a long time since anyone else saw me naked or touched me. As long as I know it is O.K. with you, it was exciting."

His cock was a hard as a rock and he was starting to sweat. "You look uncomfortable, remove your clothes," I instructed. He did. It was still amazing to me that he could be so content to be naked and hard in my fully clothed presence. When he was naked I further instructed his to sit down on the couch facing me. I placed my toes to his mouth and told him to get my them good and wet. When my toes dripped with his saliva, I placed them on the head of his cock. He moaned.

Now caressing his wet cock with my toes, I continued,"And did you enjoy sucking Harris' cock and fucking his ass?" I was fascinated to hear the answer to this.

This time Sean hesitated before he answered. Then he looked up at me and said, "You should have seen the look in your eyes when you told me to suck Harris' cock. It wasn't a look of sex, it was a look of hunger. When I saw that look, I would have done anything. As far as Harris, it was . . . fine. I wouldn't want to do it without you and Beth around. But it was a thrill to know that you wanted us to do each other. And I desperately wanted to see the two of you together. If that is what it takes to play the game, then I'll do it."

I moved my foot from his slick cock and pushed my toes, now covered with pre-cum, into his mouth. After he licked them clean, I returned my foot back to his cock and said, "And how about eating cum from my pussy, or from my toe for that matter. Do you like that?"

Sean moaned his assent. "I'm glad you like to play. I like this game too. However, if you ever feel that our game playing is jeopardizing our marriage, I want you to speak up. Just like you want to se me sexually excited, the ultimate thrill of this game is that I am doing it to you. I also do not want to do this all of the time. I still need my strong husband when we are not playing. I will tell you when I want to play."

"Yes, Hon," he answered.

"When we play the game, do not call me Hon or Honey. Let's see, I don't like 'Mistress,' that sounds like something from a dungeon. 'Ma'am' sounds too formal. How about 'Mommy'?" I asked.

"Do you want to lick Mommy's cunt?" I continued. He immediately got down on his knees before me and waited for me to pull down my shorts. Instead, I pulled them aside and said "Go ahead, lick Mommy's cunt." And he did. After a few minutes, I said, "Ummmm, that feels good. But a 'Mommy' would not let her little boy do this. From now on when I am in control, you will just refer to me as 'Wife.' I think that says it all."

"Yes, Wife" he said, his voice muffled by my wet pussy, "you are my Wife and I worship you." I came, in spurts. I then lifted his face to mine and licked my cum off of his face. "Ummmm, I am delicious," I said. "This is going to be great fun, for both of us." Later I fucked him, with me on top. After he came, I sat on his face. When he was finished cleaning me, I again licked his face. I found that I too like the taste of our combined juices.

The First Weekend

On Sunday morning I went to visit Beth. Sean was out riding his bike. I found out that Harris had gone to a car show. I wondered if there would be any awkwardness after our vacation. Beth greeted me with a typical woman to woman hug and kiss. I was surprised that I responded sexually, I felt my nipples harden and my pussy get warm. Then we settled in with a cup of coffee. Beth wanted to know what I intended to do. I told her about my conversation with Sean on Friday night. Beth said she had the same candid conversation with Harris on Tuesday night. She was astonished about how honest and accepting Harris was. In particular, Harris admitted how much he liked being fucked by Sean. Beth said watching her husband get fucked like a girl was the most exciting thing for her as well. Since Sean was not thrilled to be Harris' gay partner, Beth and I discussed the possibility of inviting another man into our game, or maybe another couple. We then discussed how we both enjoyed humiliating the boys. To me, this was the fun part. Beth agreed, and we discussed possible future embarrassments for the boys. Beth then said that she already had something "special" in mind for Harris.

Beth then put her hand on my knee, and asked "What about us?"

I took her hand from my knee and brought her fingers to my mouth and began to suck. She responded by moving closer and replacing her fingers with her mouth. We kissed for minutes. This was much different than the sex crazed passion we shared on vacation. This was new and soft. On vacation we were excited, then turned to each other. Now we were exciting each other.

Beth broke the kiss and pulled my T-shirt over my head. My nipples poked through my bra. Beth bent forward and sucked my nipple through the shear bra. I reached out and began to fondle her big bosom. "Oh, your hands are so soft and small. They feel so different from Harris' hands." She sat up, unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. I removed my bra at the same time. Beth went back to sucking my nipples while I caressed her hanging tits. After a few minutes, I heard a squishing sound and saw that Beth was sliding her middle finger in and out of her shorts.

"Let me," I said, and I slipped off the couch and pulled off Beth's shorts. As soon a she was naked, Beth spread her legs wide, exposing her wet pussy to my view. This was different than on vacation. Although we had made love before, I had not taken the time to really look at her pussy. I don't know what makes a pussy gorgeous, but I was enthralled with her pussy. As you know, she is clean shaven. Her pussy lips have multiple folds, all a perfect light pink. In the bright morning sunlight, I could see her enormous clit stand at attention. It looked like a little hard cock. She was dripping juices and I had to lick her vigorously to savor it all. I then inserted three fingers into her pussy. I moved up a little and with my lips just touching her clit I said, "On Friday night I let Sean lick me like this, then I licked my juices off his face." I then moved up and offered my face to Beth. Her tongue swabbed my face. "Women taste good," I told Beth. She nodded. I returned to her pussy, this time taking her clit directly in my teeth. She exploded, and I mean exploded. She let loose of so much cream that I thought I would drown. Beth then pulled me back to her face and began to lick.

Then Beth said, "I am so glad you still want to do this. I have never been with a woman before. It's so great. Take off you shorts, I want to eat you." Beth was still lying on the couch and I stood and removed my shorts and panties.

Beth than motioned me to sit on her face. As I did her tongue penetrated my pussy like a cock. She then liked inside my lips and I began to squirm. Beth's hands went up to my tits and started to pull on my nipples. I bent down and took my long nipple in my mouth (although I had done this before, I had never done it in front of anyone, not even Sean).

After I came, Beth slid out from underneath me and said to stay where I was, she would be right back. She returned carrying a large dildo (not as big as Juan). She said, "I know how you like a big cock. Are you game."

I panted, "Oh yessss, fuck me Beth." And fuck me she did. I had used a vibrator at times, mostly to stimulate my clit. I had never put a big dildo in my cunt. It felt almost as good as the real thing. Of course, it never got soft and never came. I came and came, drenching Beth's hand and the dildo. After almost an hour, Beth removed the phallus and I collapsed on my back. Beth sat next to me licking the Dildo. She said, "You're right, women are delicious." With that I reached out for her hand and put her wet fingers in my mouth.

When I released her fingers I said, "You know how we made the boys eat our cunts after they fucked us. Well on Friday night I did that to Sean. After he was finished, I kissed his mouth and could taste our combined juices. It was also delicious."

"Maybe we should try that later," Beth replied.

We took a shower together, combed each others hair straight back, and then wrapped towels around our waists, leaving our wet breasts exposed. We were eating at the kitchen table like this when Harris returned. It was almost as if an intruder had entered the room. I started to move to cover my naked tits (forgetting that Harris spent all last weekend seeing me naked). Beth just said, "Go to Sean's house, we'll call you later when we want you." Harris left without a word. Beth winked at me.

About two hours later Beth called the boys and told them "To get naked and hard." Thirty minutes later we arrived at my house. The boys were naked and hard, just as directed. We walked right past them and went into the master bedroom. We removed our panties (but left on our tops) and began to caress each other again, then to finger each other to get us ready for penetration. Beth then told the boys to come up stairs. When they entered the room they found Beth and I on the bed on all fours, with our asses facing them.

Beth said, "Fuck us quickly."

It was interesting, without any direction as to who to fuck Sean moved behind Beth and Harris moved behind me. Beth and I did not look back. But we did slam our butts against our assailants in an effort to hurry their ejaculations. They both came within a few minutes and Beth ordered them to leave. We then giggled and lapsed into a 69. Since I had mentioned it earlier, Beth wanted to taste my pussy flavored with seaman. We both loved it! I love being a woman, so many options.

Three weeks later

Things returned to almost normal over the next few weeks. Every few days I would announce that the "Wife" wanted to play and Sean would become my devoted sexual servant. There were no new kinks. Mostly I would have Sean lick my cunt for hours, fuck him, then sit on his face. However, during that time, Beth added a new kink. She purchased a strap on dildo. She throughly believed that Harris enjoyed getting fucked up the ass and, since it was not Sean's favorite thing to do, she decided to do the fucking of her hubby's asshole.

Beth told me, "After our afternoon together when you and I played with the dildo and you told me that Sean does not like to fuck Harris, I decided I will have to fuck Harris myself. The next night I told Harris to stip, get on all fours and close his eyes. I then walked around him, pinching his nipples and ass, and rubbing his big cock. Then I stroked my greased finger in and out of his ass. When he was panting for relief I took my finger from his ass, moved in front of him and told him to open his eyes. There I was, wearing jeans and a loose shirt which hid my tits. I looked very masculine, especially with a six inch dildo sticking out through my zipper. I was stroking it lightly like I was a man and I asked him 'does you tight cunt need to be fucked?' I saw the confusion in his eyes, but he said 'yes.' 'Not good enough' I said, 'beg for it, like a slut.' And boy did he. The entire time I was fucking his ass I made him tell me how I was the man and he was my little slut. It was great. A few nights later he asked to be my slut again. I told him fine, then led him into the bedroom and tossed him a frilly see through nightgown and told him to put it on. I told him 'from now on, when I want to fuck your ass you will not only act like a girl, you will dress like one too.'"

In all honesty, the idea of dressing Sean in woman's clothes did nothing for me (although I did enjoy his embarrassment when he wore my bra on vacation, then he wore Beth's panties on the flight home); however, the thought of macho man Harris in a frilly nightgown was very exciting.

Beth continued, "Once he was dressed, I made him masturbate and cum on the dildo, then I feed the cum covered dildo to his mouth. He loved it. I dare say my husband is bi. Since then that is the way we have had sex. He has not seen me naked for weeks and at home he dresses in the clothes I lay out for him. Not always woman's clothes, but usually. This weekend I have a special surprise for him."

Beth then asked if I would help and, of course, I agreed. When I asked her what we were going to do, she told me to "Wait and see."

That Saturday night Beth asked me to leave Sean at home. She told me to tell Sean that I would not be having sex with Harris, but that she needed my help. This was unusual, but Sean had no objections. When I arrived at Beth's house, Sean answered the door dressed in a long black dress with a slit up the side and a cheap wig. He was wearing woman's makeup and had shaved off all of his body hair. With his broad build and muscular features, he looked absolutely ridiculous. He did not seem to care. He simply asked me if I would like a drink and then he pranced off to get me a glass of wine.

While he was gone, Beth explained, "Remember your friend Renee from the plane . . . well, I like the idea of Harris displaying his submission to other woman at a small party. Tonight Harris is going to be the entertainment for us and two other women."

"Who," I asked anxiously.

"Wait and see." Harris returned with my drink. Beth led Harris into the living room and had him show off his new sexy female walk for us. Beth said he was getting good at walking in high heels. Then he showed us all of his shaved areas, including his cock and balls which were visible through his pantyhose and his thong. We then had him stroke his penis from outside of his dress until he was erect. As he stood there stroking his ‘giant clit,' as Beth called it, the doorbell rang. Beth told me to blindfold Harris while she attended to the guests. I told Harris to stop playing with himself and I slipped a blindfold over his eyes. While we were waiting for Beth to enter with the guests, I stoked Harris' pantyhose covered, smooth shaven ass and told him how pretty he is (I lied).

Beth came in a whispered that she wanted me to film her surprise. She handed me the video camera and went back out to retrieve our guests. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Beth returned with her two guests. They were both very handsome women (yes women, not other men in drag), each with dark hair and big breasts (actually, they were each built like Beth). Beth then said, "Holly, we have company. Be a good girl and curtsey." Harris, now Holly, did so.

"Isn't she pretty girls?" Beth asked her guests. They just shook their heads in amazement. "And she just loves to perform, watch." Beth moved over to the stereo and started a CD. "Holly, show our guests how a slut dances." Holly moved, somewhat awkwardly on her high heels, to the music. She ran her hands over her dress, along her ass, tits, and 'big clit.'

"You're doing so good Holly, now strip down to your bra and panties." Like an experienced stripper, Holly began to slowly remove her dress (Beth helped with the zipper), then her slip fell off her shoulders to reveal her fake breasts. Next Beth had Holly lie down and wiggle out of her pantyhose. Pulling them off from the toes. While she did this, her clean shaven ass was on full display. When the pantyhose were almost off, Beth stopped Holly and held her legs in the air, Beth said, "Ladies, come and look at her perfect ass. Holly, tell the Ladies what you like done to your ass."

"I love it when my Mistress fucks my ass with her big dick," said Holly.

"You don't want me to fuck your cunt in front of my friends, do you?" Beth asked in mock anger.

"Oh, yes please mistress, please."

"What a little slut you are. You deserve a spanking, get down on your hands and knees and put you face on the floor." Holly did so. "Holly has been such a bad girl, we must all give her a good spanking." And with that Beth stated to spank Holly. I was a little startled with how willingly the other women joined in.

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