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"So how was it?" Tracy asked Cathy. They had been getting together once or twice a week now to compare notes.

"Excellent," Cathy responded without thinking. It has been great, of course. But had it been excellent? Two weeks ago, Cathy's second encounter with Tony, had been excellent. Cathy had ravenously sucked their shared stud off twice in less than an hour.

Last week and yesterday had both been good. On both occasions Cathy had reached orgasm while sucking Tony's cock. And yesterday she and Tony had climaxed almost simultaneously, which was one of Cathy's greatest thrills.

But they hadn't cum at exactly the same time. It was close and close was good. But there was a difference for Cathy between close and getting it just right.

And the week before they hadn't even been close. Tony must have been pretty busy the day before, because it took a long time for Cathy to get him off. And the volume of cum was far less than she expected. Not that sucking that nice big cock of his hadn't gotten her off.

She reached orgasm twice both times, which was nothing to scoff at. But excellent? Maybe Cathy was trying to compare these lunchtime encounters to her college experiences. That was, she admitted, an unfair comparison. Tommy was around all day long and it hadn't been uncommon for Cathy to give him two or three blow jobs in a single day.

"Have you seen your videos?" Tracy asked, pulling Cathy out of her musings. "Pretty hot, huh?"

"Well," Cathy said, not really sure what she thought. "Yes and no." She paused a minute, trying to put words to her mixed feelings on the subject. "Yes, it's hot to see," she said at last. "But, well.... When I see it, I want to do it again and, well... I'm on a once-a-week budget, you know?"

Cathy also had lingering issues with the whole idea of the taping. It seemed ridiculously self-incriminating to begin with. But more than that, she wasn't crazy about Trish and Tracy--Trish in particular--seeing how eager she was to suck cock. It was exposing a weakness that a person like Trish might exploit. How long before Trish told Cathy that if she wanted to keep sucking Tony's cock, she'd have to fuck him once a week? Or find some other way to tarnish the experience? And more importantly, exercise some level of control over Cathy. Wasn't that what Trish had done to Tracy?

"What about the other vids?" Tracy asked. Cathy shrugged. She had watched a lot of them, and they were pretty hot too. She didn't admit that she watched videos of Tracy more times than any of the others. Watching Tracy give head really turned Cathy on. She couldn't explain why. It just did.

"Same problem," Cathy said with a wan smile. "I can't watch me or anyone else do it and not want it. You know?"

"No, actually I don't!" laughed Tracy . "I could watch you suck dick all day and damn! It's hot! But I still wouldn't want one in my mouth!"

"Well, I could watch you get pounded all day and not want to get laid," Cathy laughed back. "So I guess we're even!"

"Well, today's my turn," Tracy said to Cathy. "I hope you didn't drain him too much. God, I love the feel of that big cock cumming inside me!" They both laughed again.

"I didn't blow him twice, if that's what you're worried about," Cathy replied with a smile. The dreamy look on Tracy 's face prompted a question from Cathy.

"Is it still enough?" Cathy asked. "Once a week? Kind of a routine and all?"

"You mean, do I want more?" Cathy nodded. "Well, hell yes!" Tracy replied as if Cathy had asked a ridiculously obvious question. "I could do with at least three times a week. At least!" Then the reason for Cathy's question must have occurred to Tracy . "Why? Do you want it more too?"

"Well, yeah," Cathy said slowly. "But it's not as simple as another time or two a week. You know, like on a schedule." She paused, thinking. "In college, there were days when I only saw a little of Tommy and if we had time, we did it, but if not..." Cathy shrugged "Other days, though, we had all day together and those days, well... I could use another day like one of those!"

"Like what?" Tracy prodded.

"Like sucking him off every time he got hard again!" Cathy said with a slightly sheepish grin. "Sometimes just kneeling between his legs while he watched TV and sucking him endlessly, not even trying to make him cum necessarily. Just free to suck his cock as much as I wanted." She could see her words weren't fully penetrating.

"Didn't you ever spend a day in bed?" Cathy asked Tracy . "Just screwing, taking a nap, waking up and screwing some more?"

"Yeah," Tracy said, obviously still not equating that to Cathy's desired. "Quite a few times before the kids!" She laughed.

"That's how it used to be for me with Tommy. Only it was sucking instead of screwing."

"Yeah, well," Tracy said holding a hand out as if to keep Cathy at bay. "I don't have any fantasies that involve sucking dick all day long!"

"I realize," Cathy said, a little exasperation creeping into her voice. "What I'm trying to do is put it in terms you understand. My question is, is it enough? Each individual encounter, that is?" Tracy still seemed unsure what Cathy was asking. "Other than getting it more often, is there anything you would change?" The light finally went on over Tracy 's head. She thought for a moment.

"No, I think it's a pretty good set-up. Minus the blow jobs, of course," she added. "But the fucking, well, that usually does the trick!"

"But," Cathy felt Tracy almost understood. "If you could do something different next time, if you could have him fuck you for hours, for the rest of the day, would you do it?"

"Hmmmm, tempting," Tracy mused. "But probably not. I kinda like the way it works. He gives me a good fucking, makes me cum like crazy and then I'm on my way. No strings, no issues. Just a really good orgasm or two to keep me floating the rest of the day. And that's all there is to it. No complications." She paused, then added, "I'm not really there to cuddle, or anything."

Cathy nodded. She was vaguely disappointed by Tracy 's answer, but she wasn't sure why. Maybe Cathy had been hoping that if they both wanted more, they could scheme together, without involving Trish? Or maybe Cathy just wanted to feel like everyone naturally wanted more? That there wasn't anything unusual about her sexual appetite?

"So it's not enough for you, huh?" Tracy asked.

"Well, it is and it isn't," Cathy responded carefully. "I really did miss it a lot. Maybe I just want to gorge myself now that I have it again, you know? Like woofing down a whole bag of chips after bailing on some brutal diet maybe?" Tracy was nodding her understanding as Cathy continued. "But at the same time, I've never had it rationed like this. Either I got as much as I wanted or I didn't get any at all. So the idea of getting just a little is kind of a new challenge for me."

"So it's not just a matter of seeing Tony an extra time or two a week?" Tracy asked, finally getting what Cathy had been driving at. Cathy shook her head. "You want to get more out of each visit?"

"Sort of," Cathy didn't know how to explain it. "I just don't want to feel rushed or, like, once he's done, it's all over for another week." She gave Tracy a wry smile. "I used to just love that Tommy wouldn't get dressed if we were alone. He'd sit around with his cock out for me to look at, play with and, whenever he was up for it, suck on.

"Now though," Cathy gestured feebly, "once he's done, that's it. He zips up and it's time to leave."

"Yeah, it's definitely different for me," Tracy told her. "I don't like him to pull out. I like to keep him inside me as long as I can. But once he does slip out, well, then I'm done and it's time to go."

"Yeah," Cathy agreed. "It's definitely different." They sat in silence a few moments, Cathy pondering what she could do to help fill her needs.

"All day long," Tracy mused softly, breaking the silence. "If you could, you'd suck dick all day long." She shook her head slowly, smiling at her friend. "Maybe we should arrange to make Tony available for a full day sometime. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. And I wouldn't mind holding the camera for that one myself!"

Cathy looked right at Tracy . Though it was meant to sound like an off-hand comment or a joke, it sounded different to Cathy. Was Tracy really saying she wanted to be present for one of Cathy's encounters with Tony?

"I bet you wouldn't!" Cathy replied with a slightly forced laugh. "Do I get to hold the camera for you?" They both laughed, but there was a tension underlying the mirth. They were both joking. But at the same time, they weren't.

Cathy knew that she would love to watch Tracy suck Tony's cock in person. But could she really stand there in the same room with two people and watch them? She wasn't sure. And she was even less sure of letting Tracy watch her.

It was weird, Cathy thought. They had both already seen videos of the other, so it wasn't like this was something completely new. But with the videos, there were only the two people in the room. True, they were both aware of the camera. But the camera was an inanimate object. There weren't actual eyes on them. And likewise, the person watching the videos could watch unselfconsciously.

The two women looked at each other for a long moment and then looked away again. Cathy knew Tracy was thinking the same things that she was. It was an exciting thing to think about, but would they really be able to take that step?

Why did it seem like such a big deal if they both already knew that the other had seen them? Cathy wasn't sure, but her gut told her that, no matter how much she "knew" Tracy had seen videos of her, it wasn't the same level of acknowledgement. Not that either of them pretended they hadn't seen the other. It was simply that seeing each other in person would make it impossible to pretend.

There was also the obvious element. Cathy had never been involved in a sexual situation that wasn't one-on-one. She wasn't sure, but suspected Tracy 's experience was similar. Introducing a third person into a sexual encounter was at once daunting and exciting. But because it was outside Cathy's comfort zone, it would be easier not to.

"So you're on your way over there today?" Cathy asked, just to break the awkward silence.

"Yeah, about an hour," Tracy replied. "Can't wait!" The enthusiasm seemed a little forced, Cathy thought. Not because she wasn't looking forward to it, but because Tracy was trying to deflect the conversation away from where they had just been. Clearly, Tracy was uneasy with the prospect too.

"You're lucky. Wish it was my turn again already." Cathy, too, put a little more enthusiasm into her words than she felt. "Do you think we should have someone else besides Tony?"

Cathy didn't know where the question came from. It just popped out of her, probably to keep the conversation moving away from the briefly mentioned threesome. It was equally surprising to Tracy . She looked at Cathy with arched eyebrows for a moment before replying.

"Uh, I don't know. Where would we find someone?" Even as Tracy answered, she didn't seem to be giving it serious thought.

"I have no idea," conceded Cathy. "But wouldn't it be better if we weren't all sharing one guy? Maybe we could do a couple times a week then, right?"

"Yeah, that would be nice." Cathy could hear in Tracy 's voice that she was just making conversation. It was not something she was seriously entertaining.

"Listen to me," Cathy laughed. "I get a little taste of action and see how I get?" It was really just fill-in conversation for Cathy too. She hadn't actually considered what she had suggested. The thought had come into her head and she said it without further consideration.

"It's not just matter of finding a dick, you know," Tracy said, her tone sounding a little more serious. Did Tracy think that Cathy had actually been considering this?

"I know. And I, I..." Cathy fumbled for words. "I was just kinda daydreaming. You know?"

Tracy turned a very speculative eye on Cathy.

"Were you?" Tracy asked. "Would you want more guys involved?" Cathy answered reflexively.

"No, I don't think that would be a good idea." Even as she said it, she wondered. What if she did want more? What if Trish were to expand their little club? Or, more likely, what if Trish, for reasons of her own, started interfering with Cathy's and Tracy's fun? She mentioned the last point to Tracy .

"Yeah," Tracy nodded. "I wouldn't mind having someone else, if for no other reason than to keep her from having the upper hand." The bitterness was obvious in Tracy 's words. "But here it is, handed to us. It's easy to take what's there and put up with the minor inconveniences." She shrugged. Cathy shrugged back.

"She thinks she owns us," Cathy observed. "Or at least controls the situation and that we'll have to go along."

"Yeah, I already know that," Tracy replied sardonically. "Didn't I mention the blow jobs?"

"She's waiting for you to laugh at her about Ed again," Cathy said, ignoring Tracy 's tone. "She said she'd cut you off for a month. Blow jobs only."

"Yeah, I bet she would, that miserable dried up bitch," Tracy replied. She showed no surprise at Cathy's words. "That's probably the biggest down side to this whole thing. That it's controlled by her. If she was more like us, it would be fine. I can't imagine one of us doing that to the other. We're just not like that. But Trish," Tracy shrugged. "She's got a mean streak in her."

"She's got real issues with having to blow Tony," Cathy offered. It was hardly a revelation and Tracy shot her a look that said, "duh!" Cathy shook her head, "No, it's not that simple. She told me that it was humiliating for her and that Tony did everything he could to emphasize that."

"So?" Tracy replied. "Don't you think she deserves it?"

"It's not a matter of deserving it," Cathy said, trying to put her finger on what she wanted to convey. "I can't tell if she really, truly hates it, or if the humiliation is part of the turn on for her." Tracy pursed her lips thoughtfully.

"Well, it's not like it isn't possible," she conceded. "But if that's really what gets her off... wow, that would be funny!" Her face clouded up. "It still doesn't explain why she feels like she has to make me do it." The two women lapsed into silence.

"So," said Tracy suddenly perky. "If you could line up as many guys as you wanted--at one time--how many would you want?" The question caught Cathy off-guard and she laughed.

"I don't know!" she replied. "How much of a slut do you think I am?"

"No, come on!" Tracy insisted. "If you have as many guys as you wanted, how many would you want? Make it purely hypothetical," Tracy went on when Cathy didn't answer. "If we could clone Tony, how many Tonys would you want?" They both laughed a little at the question.

"It's not a matter of how many guys!" Cathy said with mock exasperation. "I'd be happy with one guy as long as I could blow him three or four times a day!" Both women laughed again.

"Okay," Tracy answered. "So at least three Tonys, maybe four."

"No, no! Just one that I can suck off a few times!"

"Why not suck off a few once each?" Tracy pressed. Again, they were both smiling and laughing, but Cathy sensed some degree of underlying substance.

"You think you could just line up a bunch of guys with their dicks out and I'd suck them all off?" Cathy asked, pretending, at least somewhat, to be shocked.

"You wouldn't?" Tracy asked.

"No!" Cathy responded sharply, her smile fading. "I love it, don't get me wrong. But not like that!"

"Why is that so different?" Why was Tracy pushing this? Cathy wondered.

"It's like the difference between watching each other on videos instead of in person," Cathy shot back. "It's not a one-on-one thing and I like one-on-one."

"Ok," Tracy laughed back. "I'll let you watch me fuck Tony if you blow two guys, okay?" They both laughed and Cathy felt the tension slip out of the conversation.

"Tommy did have this one friend," Cathy suddenly recalled. "Not that I did anything with him!" she quickly added. "But he was a good looking guy and kind of nice."


"And a couple times I thought of asking Tommy, you know..." Cathy gestured. "But I only thought about it. I never had it in me to actually ask him."

"Ask him? To have his friend join you?" Tracy 's eyebrows arched and her eyes sparkled with amusement. "So, you do think about it! You little slut!"

"Oh, like you never even thought about it!" Cathy retorted.

"Well, not blowing two guys at once," Tracy said. "But I've thought about other things." Cathy motioned for Tracy to elaborate. "Well, you know I'm not much of one for sucking dick and all," Tracy continued. "At the same time, the idea of getting it from behind while another one's in my mouth... Well!" Tracy paused for emphasis. "That I think I might like!"

"Go on!" Cathy urged, eager to hear Tracy 's description of her fantasy.

"Well," Tracy went on, "there's a lot of dirty-girl factor, you know?" Cathy nodded. "It's like the whole thing of being called a cocksucker while you're doing it? It would be like that only better if I was getting fucked from behind. The guy in front of me could just stand there and the one behind me would rock my mouth back and forth on him! That's some serious dirty-girl factor there!"

"And then they'd switch?" suggested Cathy.

"Well," Tracy 's face twisted. "I'm not real keen on the idea of, you know, the guy taking it out of me and then me putting it in my mouth." Tracy made another face and shook her head. "I mean, it's not like I've never done that before. But I just... I don't know... It's just not very appealing, you know?"

Cathy nodded. She wasn't quite so put off by it as Tracy , but there had been a time when it had seemed a bit unappealing to her.

"Of course, I would also prefer both of them cum inside me. And no," Tracy added quickly, "I don't mean inside my mouth!" The two women laughed briefly. "So," Tracy said, "what was your fantasy with your college boyfriend like?"

"It wasn't so much a fantasy or scenario," Cathy explained. "It was more like a notion that it would be exciting to have another guy in the action. What I was trying to explain earlier is that once a guy cums, it's usually a while before he's interested again. Well, if there was another guy..." Cathy said with a slight smile. "I wouldn't have to wait. Get it?"

"What about your boyfriend watching you with another guy? Or another guy watching you with your boyfriend, for that matter?"

"Yeah, that's kinda why I never acted on it," Cathy confessed. "I mean, as cool as it might have been to have another guy there, ready and waiting, well..." Cathy shrugged. "I just couldn't picture someone standing there watching me. And I'm not sure how Tommy would have reacted either," she added, almost as an afterthought.

"He's a guy. He probably would have loved it at the time and then called you a whore for it later," Tracy said with a mix of humor and contempt.

"Probably," agreed Cathy.

"So the second guy," Tracy inquired. "You would have swallowed him too?"

"I don't know," Cathy hadn't ever really thought about it. "I guess so. I don't think I've ever not swallowed."

"Ick!" Tracy wrinkled her nose. "I always spit. Even my husband. Tony's the only one and that, obviously, was not my choice."

"Tommy always used to say," Cathy recalled, "that the definition of an eleven was a ten who swallowed." They both laughed again.

"Why do men care so much if you swallow?" Tracy wondered, her face screwed into an exaggerated expression of disgust.

"I don't know," Cathy replied, although she had a theory or two. "But I know they like it and I've never done it any other way. It's easier, neater and because they like it, it's more fun. I like knowing that the guy is getting off on that part of it too."

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